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Why You Should Use A BDA Member

A Building Designer sees things from your point of view and puts many years of practical design experience into taking and shaping your brief to a final concept. Value for money is one of the Building Designer's key objectives to meet your requirements. Building Designers can produce a design for your residential or commercial project from a brief or a sketch you have prepared, or an idea you have in mind. Advantages of using BDASA Members include:

Professional Services

Depending upon your specific needs your Building Designer can provide services in areas such as:

• Preliminary Design Services and Preparation of Brief

• Site Analysis Services

• Preliminary Design Development

• Planning Applications and Submissions

• Design Development and Working Drawings

• Tendering and Negotiation of Contracts

• Site Attendance and Contract Administration

Updated Knowledge of Industry Issues and Regulations

BDASA Members are encouraged to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge by participation in the BDASA's structured Professional Development Programs. By virtue of being a member of the National Association of Building Designers, Members demonstrate a genuine desire to further the interests of the design sector and to actively contribute to the wellbeing of the design industry including its status and credibility, particularly in the eyes of consumers.

Experience and Expertise

Members are professionals who offer a broad range of experience and expertise to meet their clients' needs. Often BDASA Members have state of the art tools at their disposal to assist you to visualise your concept.

Realistic Fees

BDASA Members' fees are realistic and are tailored to meet your budget.

Practical Individual Designs

Members offer practical, individual or traditional designs to suit your specific needs. Their skills cover residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects including unit developments, medium-density, restoration, renovation or extension work.

Accredited Members

As part of ensuring members maintain a professional approach to education and up-skilling, given the constant changes in technology, regulations & liability, the BDASA conducts its own Professional Development program to ensure accreditation status is maintained yearly. Please contact BDASA Head Office for a list of accredited members in your area.

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