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Building Designers Association of South Australia

The Building Designers Association of South Australia represents a group of building design professionals who use a combination of experience, skill and the creative application of current technology to satisfy their client's brief in the design and documentation of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects, with an emphasis on skilled design, energy efficiency, cost, quality documentation and prompt service.

The BDASA has been active in South Australia since 1961 and values its reputation as the premier association of building designers. Members are bound by a Code of Ethics and encouraged to operate at the highest professional level at all times. The Association encourages design excellence from its members and promotes the benefits of good building design to the public. The BDASA is involved in the development of education and training standards relevant to the building design profession and is now recognised by governments and educational institutions as the leading professional body for building designers in South Australia.

Discover the advantages of using a BDASA member and choose a Building Designer to suit your needs. Search for a BDASA member in your area and find out about the services our members can offer.

Membership is open to individuals and businesses involved in the design and construction industry. Current Membership grades include Student, Associate, Member, Fellow, Life and Corporate.

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